Privilege for Senior and Long-Term Care

Automate and Streamline the Privileging of Caregivers to Ensure Patient and Resident Safety

The U.S. Census Bureau predicts the senior population will surge to 56 million by 2020 and 78 million by 2035. With such growth, many seniors will look to long-term care settings for assistance.

As large numbers of the U.S. population age, making sure your caregivers have the appropriate privileges to care for those in Assisted Living, Senior Nursing and In-patient Rehab facilities, or in the home or hospice setting, has never been more critical. However, this growth also affects those overseeing the clinical privileging of your staff - they must be ready to serve an ever-expanding population of both patients, residents and caregivers.

Regardless of who handles privileging responsibilities within your facility or organization, or whether privileging your staff is done on-site or at another location, Verity for Senior and Long Term Care has you covered.

Does your current privileging solution support single- and multiple- facility forms, as well as enterprise-wide privileging? How is privileging information shared between key stakeholders in your care setting? Are you able to develop and maintain evidence-based privilege criteria as the basis for clear and comprehensive privilege delineations?

Privileging caregivers ineffectively can raise questions. Verity’s Privilege for Senior and Long Term Care is the answer.

Privilege for Senior and Long-Term Care

Effectively Manage Credentialing and Privileging Processes across all your Senior Long Term Care Facilities

Verity’s Privilege for Senior and Long Term Care provides a robust, industry-leading library of delineated privileges. Utilizing process standardization and automation to grant and monitor privileges, Verity’s Privilege for Senior and Long Term Care helps you deliver high-quality care by ensuring the competencies of your caregivers while providing the efficiencies your privileging professionals deserve.

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