TrainingToo often, software companies offer scripted, out of the box product training without first understanding your business needs. While efficient, this approach doesn’t drive the adoption that most clients expect when implementing a new software solution. You are then left with interpreting overly technical user guides, delaying optimal use and efficiencies that were touted in the purchasing process.


Verity’s Training program focuses on the business processes that we pre-configured in your software, taking the guess work out of what is and is not possible. Training series are customized for both the architects of your workflows and the end users, accelerating the path to ROI for your organization. 

Key Benefits

  • Faster adoption.
  • Context-sensitive knowledge acquisition.
  • Mitigation of additional learning curves at go-live.
  • Increased level of comfort for users.
  • Post-implementation training.



  • Verity Training Series encompassing the entire product.
  • Agendas which include pre-requisites for each audience.
  • Focus on the pre-configured business processes.
  • Series focused solely on Super User.
  • Series focused solely on End User.
  • Recordings.
  • Follow-up reports.
  • Suggested follow-up activities.

Training Classes

MSOW training classes are 4 day hands-on sessions open to current clients only. To participate you must register and pay a fee.

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Training KnowledgeNOWs

Customizing Your Environment

  • UDFs
  • Screen Extenders
  • System Settings
  • Dashboards
  • Field Coloring
  • Provider - Record Status Color
  • User/Group
  • Message of the Day


  • Organizing filters in folder
  • Naming conventions
  • Master table
  • Line item options
  • Random sample
  • Best practice with copying
  • Scheduler attached

Manipulating Your Data

  • System/User Settings
  • Code Conversions
  • Variable Modifiers

Working With Your Data

  • System/User Settings
  • Global Add/Update
  • Screen Extenders
  • UDFs

Managing Your Teams

  • System/User Settings
  • Auditing
  • Dashboards
  • Tasks
  • User/Group Permissions

Displaying Your Data

  • System/User Settings
  • Integrated Portals
  • Metrics
  • Data Wizard (Pivot Tables)

Managing Your Payer Networks

Session 1
  • System/User Settings
  • Organizations
  • Tax IDs
  • Payers
Session 2
  • Working with Payers
  • Payer Changes
Session 3
  • OneForm
  • InForm

EchoOneApp KnowledgeNOW : Data Import

  • Familiarizing client with the Data Import Tool
  • Cross referencing EchoOneApp screens with Data Import Tool tabs
  • Creating a complete and thorough data set for optimal EchoOneApp use

EchoOneApp KnowledgeNOW : Designing and Mapping PDF Forms

  • Describe the functionality of Forms Maintenance within EchoOneApp: including Folder Setup, Downloading (from Library), Exporting, Importing, Reviewing, and Managing Forms
  • Depict how to design (add & modify) fields on both Adobe Acrobat & Nitro PDF Forms 
  • Demonstrate how to map (label) fields in both Adobe Acrobat & Nitro PDF Forms using the Design Element Clipboard in EchoOneApp
  • Display how to complete (populate) data from EchoOneApp on PDF Forms

EchoOneApp KnowledgeNOW : Global Updates

  • Familiarizing client with Global Updates
  • Learn how to globally add components
  • Learn how to globally update information

EchoOneApp KnowledgeNOW : Scheduler

  • Utilizing the Scheduler tool to set-up recurring Primary Source Verification queries
  • Creating regularly scheduled reports
  • Managing alerts to run when EchoOneApp is not in use

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