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Verity's EchoOneApp for Medical Groups

Eliminating inefficiencies and manual activities related to provider data management is critical for independent medical groups. Whether you are a medical group of anesthesiologists, pediatricians, cardiologists, surgeons, dentists, physical therapists, multi-specialty providers, or if you provide medical billing, coding or medical management services to these practices, each setting is desperate for automation around critical tasks such as payer enrollment, license verifications, data portability and performance reporting.

Verity’s EchoOneApp is the most widely adopted enterprise-class foundation that simplifies provider data management, streamlines processes and accelerates reimbursement, delivering a compelling ROI for your practice.


Key Benefits

  • An accelerated and streamlined provider onboarding pace with automated data capture and verification. 
  • Drastically reduced enrollment timelines by 65% or more. 
  • Improved staff efficiency by 50% or more.
  • Reduction of aging receivables up to 97%.
  • Ongoing accuracy of your provider data.

  • Increased provider satisfaction, requiring less verifications and supplemental information.
  • Reduced data entry duplication, saving time and improving data accuracy.
  • Prioritized follow-ups and other interactions with payers.
  • Elimination of missed deadlines with expiration tracking and alerts.


Key Features

  • Configured to meet your exact needs with user-defined screens and fields.
  • Centralized scanned documents, certificates, licensures, and other supporting documentation – eliminate file cabinets!
  • Ease of distribution with cloud-based delivery that supports automatic software updates and more.
  • One-time provider data entry and numerous complex processes are automated thereafter. 
  • Automated maintenance of hospital privileging information.
  • Additions, deletions and modifications are tracked via a powerful audit trail. 
  • Edit data in mass with a tool for globally updating data fields.
  • Customizable reports on-demand and automatically populate applications, letters, and forms.
  • Export reports and searches to Word, Excel and PDF.
  • Provide comprehensive and schedulable reports, expiration alerts and dashboards.
  • Payer participation status tracking through screens, reports and detailed payers grid.
  • Automated notifications via email to all stakeholders and providers.
  • Quickly and easily import a complete provider profile from CAQH, including data auditing.
  • Manage processes through workflows and set alerts for important enrollment submission dates.

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